El Paso, TX, Logistic Regression Example

The purpose of this post is to explore logistic regression through the statistics of El Paso, which is well known to have larger than average immigrant and gun owning populations while also having lower than average crime statistics. An article on the subject can be found at reason.com.

Question: How does the presence of murders in various Texas cities, in particular El Paso, relate to other crime statistics?

The data I’ve used comes from fbi.gov for 2013.

To see the notebook used to answer this question, click here: El Paso Logistic Regression

The article above was written in 2009, while the information I’m using is from 2013. Contrary to the article’s claim that El Paso is one of the country’s safest cities in 2009, we see that the violent crime per capita in 2013 has increased to be actually larger than the average Texas city with Murder.

This served primarily as an introductory example to Logistic Regression.

-Max Smith, mcsmith12@earlham.edu