With selections filled in to each menu

Pre-Break Update

I’ve got a one-week break starting Wednesday, June 8. Accomplished before I left:

  • A datavis tool has now been implemented for each streaming, reading, and the old model (with emphasis on the first two). Gluing them together (e.g. with a button) is the next step, but one that I haven’t finished in this week alone. At some point we also need the dropdown selection options to be human-readable (e.g. “Ambiance” vs. a numbered code). Finally we want to have some of the items (e.g. “Spot” selection in the readings mode) to be multi-select rather than single-select, and that will need to be implemented.
  • I wrote a short in-house walkthrough containing the big-picture version of how to add a new dropdown menu.
  • Sample image from the vis tool, and what an exciting image it is:

    Boring map with boring graph

    Two testing data (datums? data points?)

  • Ahsan and Shana have started work for the summer. After our noon meeting they even know what they need to do. I’ll be back to join them and continue my own work in a week. The focus is on the Richmond data science project. I’ve set them up with SFTP file editing and ssh tunneling.
  • I quite like git now that I know a bit better how to use it. YMMV.
  • I’ve been trying to pick up machine learning as a side project. No programming done yet, but I’ve brushed up on probabilities and have learned some of the basic jargon. I downloaded a lot of material for the road as well, so I should be able to learn over break.
  • When I get back, I’ll be thinking about a general data toolchain and how to implement one.  I’m revisiting some air monitoring technology for HIP from which a lot of data can be extracted once in place. And the Iceland crowd leaves soon, so I’m preparing to be around while they’re gone.

All the best.