End of Iceland Update

While Charlie was in Iceland and Ahsan was on break, Shana and Craig accomplished a few things. Short summary:

911 calls

The datavis tool base on the Iceland visualization tool is ready to be published. We’re waiting to ensure we do that correctly and securely. There will be iterative improvements on its features and functionality. We made some database improvements along the way.


Dakota answered us and approved the idea. We’ll reply and hopefully implement a week-long sample by the time the school year starts (I think the week of either July 25 or August 1). We have some charts made, subject to whatever corrections we choose after a few other eyeballs check them out.

HIP Data

Proto, HIP’s computer with our weather and energy data, is accessible from home.cs but not directly from the outside world, so that needs work. Weather is working, energy and camera are not (though that may be a downstream effect of the network problem). Craig created a few preliminary visualizations about the weather with the intention of having a public weather page at some point.