Summer Home Stretch

My break starts August 20. Ahsan and Shana will be here for the time I’m gone, but I’m now entering the end of my summer working for Earlham CS.

It’s been a valuable experience, I think even more so than last summer. While I spent much of last year (and most of my CS educational experience here) picking up the concepts and programming skills I lacked when I started. This summer I finally reached the interesting parts: designing the interfaces and data models we work with, writing and adapting code, and providing services to the people whose data we’re exploring.

We will soon start showing the public what we accomplished over the last few months. For example, the Icelandic field studies trip was a success by all accounts, and now we at Data Science have been turned loose on the data to produce some analysis and visualization.

By the time I leave, I will post some of the initial visualizations, along with some commentary for each of those. Iceland is the big one. I also hope to produce some graphs, potentially with a web presence, for the weather and energy data we are collecting on campus. There are issues upstream with both of those, but a few hours on each should yield some interesting or at least nice-looking visualizations to share with the public and update regularly.

Ahsan and Shana have been dedicating their full energies to Richmond- and Earlham-level services, dealing with transportation and emergency calls.

Classes resume August 24. Tick-tock.